Sustainable Investing


At the Forefront of ESG

In 2018, Elliot was invited to join the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) Hedge Funds Strategy Group. In this capacity, Elliot is assisting with creating the industry guidelines for incorporating ESG factors into the investment process.  

Since our beginning in 2013, we’ve been integrating ESG into our investment process. At that time, ESG was a radical concept, but it was intuitive to Elliot. “I was analyzing a company. Why wouldn’t I evaluate every aspect of the company that could impact its value?”


We analyze a company’s ESG factors to assess whether they could be a source of risk or return. Importantly, Global Return does not forgo investment results for sustainable outcomes. To the contrary, we integrate ESG analysis to identify higher risk-adjusted opportunities.

To learn how we identify ESG factors and incorporate them into our investment process, you can download one of our whitepapers below.


For more information download one of our whitepapers on ESG factors