Advanced Technology


Unsatisfied with standard providers, we created our own,
and we think it gives us an advantage


Proprietary Systems

At the core of our analysis, we use a machine-readable digital taxonomy that’s more informative and specific than what standard providers offer.

With this we create custom modules that combine fundamental analysis with novel data. The outcome is a risk and return profile based on the weighted probabilities of a company’s risk factors, which is then incorporated into our valuation. Importantly, our modules are flexible, automated, and easily adjustable as new data is received.

We’re also able to track, evaluate and adjust our modules to enhance performance and improve our decision-making process.

Our proprietary and systematic processes adapted into programmatic software include, but are not limited to, identifying idiosyncratic risks within a company, financial quality verification, data scrubbing, fundamental analysis, valuation and forecasting. 


Information about our technology is available to current and prospective clients only